Proviron is a preparation that contains masterolone as an active ingredient.

In medicine it is used among men in case of hypoactivity of the male genitals, infertility or impotence. In addition, it is used in states of exhaustion of the organism.

Its main and key function is a strong androgenic effect, without showing an anabolic effect. Therefore, it is not a preparation intended to accelerate the growth of muscle mass or strength. This does not mean that it does not make sense to take it. Well, due to the androgenic effect of Proviron, it works well as a remedy to reduce the estrogenic effects of other preparations (substances that aromatize into estogens). As a result, it limits the growth of adipose tissue and also reduces the risk of gynecomastia and other side effects associated with high estrogen levels.

This preparation is mainly dedicated to athletes who use it during competitions, when low levels of estrogens and high levels of androgens are desired. This translates to an increase in muscle hardness and density. Taking Proviron with preparations that increase testosterone in the blood means that the level of testosterone is relatively high and constant. Thanks to this, in addition to the benefits of antiestrogenic properties, it improves the effect of testosterone itself, thus improving the appearance of muscles and a slimmer figure. Proviron is also recommended for women to reduce the ratio of estrogens to androgens and have a significant impact on the appearance of the figure. However, women should be careful not to exceed the daily dose of 25 mg for 4-5 weeks to avoid virilization symptoms.

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Properties of Proviron

Proviron, as it is worth mentioning, is a very androgenic steroid. Despite this property, the use of the preparation is not recommended to increase muscle mass or strength. Why? Its characteristic feature is the fact that this steroid quickly changes shape into an inactive metabolite. However, this does not make the dosage meaningless. Due to the fact that Proviron increases the range of action to other specifications, athletes used to use it with other preparations. It is commonly used in conjunction with tamoxifen, as both steroids attack estrogen from a different side. As a result, they reduce the degree of estrogenic side effects. Furthermore, Proviron has a strong anti-aromatizing function, which makes it more direct and effective in combating any problems associated with estrogenic side effects.

Proviron Request

The intended use of this steroid fulfills its function in situations related to sports rivalry. It is then advisable to have a low level of estrogens and a high level of androgens. The most effective effect is when anabolics such as Winstrol or Oxandrolone are also used. In this case, the content of these preparations is relatively low, and Proviron can replenish androgens, which increases the hardness and density of the muscles.

What can be achieved with Proviron

Proviron is a strong androgenic steroid that does not aromatize to estrogen. Proviron is often used to treat various types of sexual dysfunction caused by low levels of endogenous testosterone. Proviron does not produce natural testosterone as it is simply an oral androgen replacement used to compensate for the lack of natural male androgens.

The anabolic effect of mesterolone on building muscle mass is weak. This is because Proviron is quickly converted to an inactive metabolite. Proviron increases the activity of other steroids due to its strong ability to bind to plasma proteins, such as SHBG. Athletes use Proviron primarily as an antiestrogen. This is because the body anti-aromatizes, prevents or slows down the conversion of steroids to estrogen. Proviron has a beneficial anti-aromatizing effect because it is most effective on problems with estrogenic side effects.

How to dose mesterolone

Women need to dose one proviron tablet a day (25 mg), the ratio of androgens to estrogens changes, which has a major impact on body structure. Women should not exceed the dose of 1 tablet per day. The duration of consumption is not more than four or five weeks.

Men should also dose 25 mg daily. This is the amount needed to prevent gynecomastia. It is best to use Mesterolone during a heavy cycle. It is good to know that this drug is often combined with tamoxifen or clomid when taking very estrogenic steroids (methanabol, testosterone, etc.)

Possible side effects of taking Mesterolone
In isolated cases, frequent or prolonged erections may occur. In this case, the dose should be reduced or treatment discontinued.
The androgenicity of proviron may also cause some problems. Common androgenic side effects include:

  • Oily skin
  • Acne
  • too much body hair
  • Exacerbation of male pattern baldness may occur even with moderate doses