After course treatment, these are drugs from a non-steroidal group that are used in a course of strong steroids and after taking them. Post-cycle therapy is auxiliary medication that helps to avoid a number of side effects by taking steroids. PCT also facilitates the recovery of the body after taking basic anabolic steroids.

Proviron in bodybuilding.

Proviron has five main uses in bodybuilding.

  1. The first is due to the construction. It is 5-alpha reduced and can not interact with the aromatase enzyme (the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen) and thus form estrogen, but it has a much stronger affinity for this enzyme than testosterone. This means that by taking it together with testosterone or other flavors, we can somehow limit the aromatization. The use of Proviron allows you to reduce the side effects caused by excess estrogen (excessive water retention, gynecomastia, etc.) and build mass of better quality (reduced fat gain). It is suspected that DHT may reduce the sensitivity of estrogen receptors, making it even more effective in combating excess estrogen circulating in the blood.
  2. Proviron is used to increase the potential of testosterone. Testosterone in the body, under normal conditions, is largely inactive. About 97-98 percent of testosterone is bound to SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, sex hormone binding globulin that makes testosterone inactive and therefore useless to us). However, as in the case of the aromatase enzyme, DHT also has a higher affinity for SHGB here. Taking Proviron with testosterone will allow you to reduce SHBG activity compared to testosterone, leaving more testosterone free and able to function. This is another way Proviron can help increase profits. There is also another proof of why it is not effective alone: ​​by binding to SHGB, it cannot reach the androgen receptors simultaneously.
  3. Proviron is added to the pre-competition preparation phase. It is then used to improve the quality of the muscles. Due to the ability to reduce circulating estrogen in the body, by reducing the sensitivity of estrogen receptors and a strong affinity for the aromatase enzyme, it reduces the total amount of water retained in the body, giving a much slimmer and harder appearance. It is an excellent supplement to clomiphene citrate (Clomid) or tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex) because Proviron reduces the amount of estrogen and both of the mentioned agents block estrogen receptors, preventing them from binding to estrogen. This provides comprehensive protection against excess of this hormone.
  4. Proviron is used during cycles with agents such as Nandrolone (Nandrolone Decanoate, Nandrolone Phenylpropanoate) or Trenobolone (Trenobolone Acetate, Trenobolone Enanthate, or Trenobolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate), with a clear lack of anrogenic nature, or with non-5 hormones. hormones. . reduced in nature, same affinity as DHT. Compounds such as Nandrolone or Trenobolone are known for their negative effects on libido. By adding DHT, which has a very strong influence on libido, we can avoid many unpleasant side effects such as Deca Dick or Fina Dick (libido disorders that lead to erections and sexual problems). Doctors also often prescribe Proviron to patients with low testosterone levels or chronic impotence. Although not considered a very potent drug, it is often considered a much better alternative than the administration of anabolic androgenic steroids, with a much lower chance of becoming mentally or physically dependent on Proviron.
  5. Proviron is added to PCT (post cycle therapy). This is perhaps the most popular of its uses. Through the processes described above, it allows to lower the level of estrogens (the increase in the level of estrogens is one of the main problems during PCT) as well as to fill up the androgen deficiency after the cycle. The first action allows faster unlocking by reducing the proportion of estrogen in the total hormone pool and thus causing a hormonal deficiency that the body will try to compensate for by increasing the production of other hormones, including testosterone. The second action, on the other hand, mainly affects our psyche, allowing us to avoid common post-steroid depression, erectile dysfunction, lower motivation to exercise, etc.

Proviron – post-cycle therapy

Proviron is the most popular drug in the category after cycle therapy. The active substance is masterolon. Proviron is a hormonal drug used in a treatment with steroids where drugs such as Sustanon-250, Anadrol, Danabol, Deca Durabolin, Testosterone Enanthate, Naposime, Oxymethalone are used.

Proviron helps prevent the aromatization of strong steroids and their conversion to estrogen. It also helps prevent the possible occurrence of gynecomastia, which often occurs with high doses of strong steroids.

The dose of taking Proviron should average 50 mg. per day. You can divide the daily dose into two doses in the morning and in the evening, 25 mg each. And you can drink 50 mg at a time. The duration of use of this drug is on average 3-5 weeks in a row.

Proviron is a very useful PCT medicine. Without their presence, you should not start strong courses with steroids. It is better to take care of the purchase of this universal drug in advance.

Proviron provides stiffness and tightness to the muscles during administration. Many athletes, even before the competition, take Proviron alone.

With the help of Proviron, athletes can get rid of excess fluid that accumulates in the muscles and eliminates body fat. Overall, this is a medicine that must have after cycle therapy that combats all estrogenic side effects.

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